A big thank you to our summer project students

Thanks to our two project students,  Connie Büttner and Julie Newman, who came to work with us over the summer. Connie has now finished her undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh and now goes on to study for her PhD at the University of Cambridge with Prof. Matthew Gaunt. Julie returns to Princeton University to continue her undergraduate studies. Good luck to both in their future endeavours!

Congratulations to all

Congratulations to everyone in the group who presented their work, both in posters and oral presentations, at the Joseph Black Conference in Edinburgh yesterday. The day was filled with some really outstanding chemistry demonstrated by everybody within the School of Chemistry.

Special congratulations go to Jim, Jamie and Amy who all won prizes. Jim was awarded a teaching prize for ‘Excellence in Supporting a Final Year Student’s Project’. Jim has been nominated for EUSA teaching awards for the past three years, so it is great to see him get further recognition for his teaching efforts. Jamie won an award for his poster featuring some of the work he has done over the past two years looking at activation of earth-abundant metal catalysts and Amy won an award for her presentation on her work on iron and cobalt-catalysed hydrosilylation and hydroboration. Both Amy and Jamie have manuscripts submitted, so watch this space for more details on their chemistry!