Steve 2Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas was born in Toronto, Canada, and moved to the South West of the UK at a young age. After completing his MChem at Cardiff University working with Prof. Nick Tomkinson, he moved to Churchill College, Cambridge University in 2007 for a PhD working with Dr Stuart Warren. Postdoctoral work with Prof. Dr Andreas Pfaltz at the University of Basel, Switzerland, was shortly followed by an appointment as a Lecturer at the University of Bristol.  In 2012 Stephen was awarded a Chancellor’s Research Fellowship at The University of Edinburgh, and moved with his research group to take up this position. His research interests are based on organometallic catalysis, synthetic methodology and mechanism, with a focus on the use on non-precious metals to replace and expand upon the reactivity of traditionally used 2nd and 3rd row transition-metals.

peterdabell2Peter Dabell


Peter comes from Morayshire in the north of Scotland, and completed his MChem at the University of St Andrews in June 2014 before starting his PhD there as part of the Criticat CDT in September of that year. He moved to Edinburgh in April 2015 to work jointly in the Lawrence and Thomas groups on the development of biomimetic transition metal catalysed reactions for the oxidation of polyphenols, and their application in natural product synthesis.

Dan HeadshotDaniel De Rosa


Dan grew up in Warwickshire, and completed his MChem at the University of Oxford in June 2015, before moving to St Andrews to start his PhD there as part of the Criticat CDT in September 2015. He moved to Edinburgh in April 2016 to work jointly in the Cowley and Thomas groups on the usage of Gallium and Indium in frustrated Lewis pair chemistry.

image1Jingying Peng


Jingying Peng was born in Harbin, China. She studied Applied Chemistry at East China University of Science and Technology, China, graduating in 2015. She went to Queen’s University Belfast as a visiting student from September 2014 to June 2015. She moved to University of Edinburgh doing a Master by research in September 2016, funded by Tercentenary International Scholarship. Then she started her PhD in September 2016, funded by University of Edinburgh and China Scholarship Council under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Thomas. Her research will be focused on the cobalt-catalysed alkene hydroboration without organometallic activators.


Cobalt-catalysed Markovnikov selective hydroboration of vinylarenes. , Jingying Peng, Jamie H. Docherty, Andrew P. Dominey and Stephen P. Thomas, Chem. Commun. 2017, 53, 4726.

“Activation and Discovery of Earth-Abundant Metal Catalysts Using Sodium tert-Butoxide” Jamie H. Docherty, Jingying Peng, Andrew P. Dominey and Stephen P. Thomas, Nature Chem. 2017, 9, 595.

joanneJoanne Dunne


Joanne began her PhD in October 2016 after graduating from the University of Dundee with a degree Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery. She spent three months working as a medicinal chemist in the Drug Discovery Unit at the University where she worked on synthesising compounds to aid genetic skin diseases. Co-supervised by Dr Michael Shaver, Joanne’s research involves looking at radical mechanisms in metal catalysis and how their applications can be applied in synthesis and polymerisation. During the week she is committed to pushing electrons around, at weekends she can be found outside, probably trying to train her pack of dogs.


“Iron-Catalyzed Heck-Type Alkenylation of Functionalized Alkyl Bromides Kailong Zhu, Joanne Dunne, Michael P. Shaver and Stephen P. Thomas, ACS Catal., 2017, 7, 2353.

liam-donnellyLiam Donnelly


Liam Donnelly graduated from the University of Nottingham after completing his MChem degree with a year in industry. His final year project was completed under the supervision of Prof. Hon Wai Lam developing a rhodium-catalysed C-H functionalisation reaction in the synthesis of a series of lead-like spiroindene compounds. He also undertook a summer placement with Dr. Ross Denton at the University of Nottingham and completed a year in industry in the department of process chemistry at Merck. He then began a PhD as part of the CRITICAT CDT. After 6 months training in St. Andrews, including a research project with Dr. James Taylor, he moved to Edinburgh to work jointly in the Love and Thomas groups investigating the chemistry of high oxidation state oxo-metal complexes as catalysts for the reduction and oxidation of small molecules.

picture for websiteAndrew Bage


Andrew grew up in Bedfordshire and obtained his MChem degree from Newcastle University, working under the supervision of Dr. Cucinotta to complete his final year project on zinc-based luminescent porous materials. In 2017, he started a PhD at the University of Edinburgh funded by AstraZeneca.

IMG_20180808_102805Kieran Nicholson


Kieran is from Fife and completed his MChem degree at The University of St Andrews. He undertook summer placements at Akzo Nobel in Gateshead and at ENSCL in Lille. Kieran did an industrial placement at DuPont Teijin Films in 2016-17 researching solid state polymerisation techniques. His final year project was under the supervision of Prof. Matt Clarke in the Use of Manganese Catalysts for Catalytic Reduction. Kieran joins the Thomas group in September 2018 to start a PhD funded by AstraZeneca.

dom 1Dominic Willcox


Dom grew up on a farm in south Devon, and completed his MSc at the University of Bristol. He undertook a summer placement (funded by the RSC) under the supervision of Prof Fred Manby, studying CCSD(T)-in-DFT embedding on novel Iron(I) complexes. His final year project was under the supervision of Dr Chris Russell, studying the role of the hypervalent iodine(III) oxidant in redox gold catalysis. In 2018, he started his PhD under the supervision of Dr Steve Thomas, funded by the Royal Society.



Dominik Jamie
Dominik Frank (2013)

Jamie Docherty (2018)


avatar_barron Alison Mark Jim
Nick Barron (2014)
With Prof. Roger Alder, FRS
Alison Jones (2014)
With Prof. Hon Wai Lam
Mark Greenhalgh (2015) Alistair James MacNair (2017)
james-website kevin Amy2 Pete
James Paliga (2017) Kailong Zhu (2017) Amy Challinor (2017) Pete Neate (2017)
nate ang alex JDpic Jon website
Nate Ang (2017) MRes Alessandro Bismuto (2018) Jamie Docherty (2018) Jon Carney (2018)
Riaz Agahi
Riaz Agahi (2019)


Fern Jonathan Fran Amy2
Fern Sinclair (2013) Jonathan Kwan (2013) Francesca Edmonds (2013) Amy Challinor (2013)
mingpic jen Adam george
Ming Ming Tran (2013) Jen Nelson (2013) Adam Kolodziej (2013) George Sloan (2014)
Gail Hunter (2014) Jamie Docherty (2014) Nils Knop (2014) Brandon Djaja (2014)
Jacob Clement Hector Marc2
Jacob Quibell (2014) Clement Millet (2015) Hector Yiannakas (2015) Marc Calin (2015)
Sifeng Tjark alex B alex
Sifeng Gu (2015) Tjark Meyer (2016) Alexander Beaton (2017) Alex Clark (2017)
12039589_994691180594118_1840286637365476919_n per-tho-group.jpg lauren.jpg HR
Andi Mayo (2017)  Chiara Portolani (2018)

 Lauren Ehehalt (2018)

Hayley Russell (2018)
Photo of me kb2 cm
Jessica Cooney (2018) Kathryn Bisset (2018) Claire Mitchell (2018)


Andy Smith (MChem, 2012); James West (BSc, 2012);  Bryden Le Bailly (MChem Bristol 2011); Tom Carter (MChem Bristol 2011); William Lanyon (BSc, 2011); Ben Lewis (BSc, 2011); Marco De Tullio Meana (Erasmus, 2011); Léa Guiet (Summer Internship, 2011); Heather Parker (MChem, 2010); Ben Cons (MChem, 2010); Alexander Käslin (Summer Internship, 2009), Craig Evans (Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Scholarship, 2009), Rebecca Maksymowicz (MChem, 2009); Elliot Murphy (MChem, 2009).


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